Copa America 2020 Fixtures, Schedule, Time, Venues, Hosts


CONMEBOL, The South American Football Confederation, on Monday announced that Copa America 2020 will be held in two countries. A total of 38 matches will be played in the tournament.

The tournament will start from June 12 that will be held in Argentina and Colombia will host the final of the 2020 Copa America.

All the teams will be divided into two groups. The groups are as follows:

Northern Zone: Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru and one of the invited countries.

South Zone: Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia and one of the invited countries.

Qatar and Australia, champions of the last two editions of the Asian Cup, will be participating as guest countries in the tournament, as announced by the Confederation Council.

Group North
Date Team v Team Venue
13/06/2020 Colombia v Ecuador Bogota
14/06/2020 Brazil v Venezuela Cali
Peru v Qatar Medellin
17/06/2020 Colombia v Venezuela Cali
18/06/2020 Peru v Brazil Medellin
Ecuador v Qatar Bogota
21/06/2020 Colombia v Peru Medellin
22/06/2020 Venezuela v Ecuador Bogota
23/06/2020 Brazil v Qatar Barranquilla
27/06/2020 Brazil v Colombia Barranquilla
Ecuador v Peru Medellin
28/06/2020 Qatar v Venezuela Cali
01/07/2020 Qatar v Colombia Barranquilla
Ecuador v Brazil Bogota
Venezuela v Peru Cali
Group South
12/06/2020 Argentina v Chile
13/06/2020 Australia v Uruguay
Paraguay v Bolivia
16/06/2020 Argentina v Uruguay
Chile v Bolivia
17/06/2020 Paraguay v Australia
20/06/2020 Argentina v Paraguay
21/06/2020 Uruguay v Chile
22/06/2020 Australia v Bolivia
25/06/2020 Chile v Paraguay
26/06/2020 Australia v Argentina
Bolivia v Uruguay
30/06/2020 Bolivia v Argentina
Chile v Australia
Uruguay v Paraguay
04/07/2020 Sieger Gruppe B v Vierter Gruppe A
Zweiter Gruppe B v Dritter Gruppe A
05/07/2020 Zweiter Gruppe A v Dritter Gruppe B
Sieger Gruppe A v Vierter Gruppe B
08/07/2020 Sieger VF 3 v Sieger VF 4
Sieger VF 2 v Sieger VF 1
Third place
00/07/2020 Verlierer HF 1 v Verlierer HF 2
12/07/2020 Sieger HF 1 v Sieger HF 2