Last night, BPL Board meeting was discussed with BPL franchisees in a number of other issues, including any date of the tournament.

At the end of the board member and BCB director Jalal Yunus, the last time the squad will be able to hold a maximum of 4 players.

“We have discussed today about the beginning of the sixth edition of BPL. From January 5th to February 8th, 2015, we will make the next BPL. The draftsman’s draft will be someday in October.”

“Previously, our board decided that we could keep four cricket teams. “Four and four people will be able to keep local and foreign.” If you choose a group, four or four people can choose foreign, but everything is still in the recommendation phase. “The board will be approved for the meeting.”

Jalal Yunus said that the number of cricketers who can take out the draft without the draft is also counted. As in last season, it is played in three arenas in Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet.

BPL would be this year in October-November. But it was decided that due to national elections a crisis could have been created to give all parties sufficient security, the tournament will be held after the election. Next BPL can not be next year. Jalal Yunus said that one year there may be pressure for two tournament teams. The seventh season may be 2020.

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