Men's Olympic Football

Men’s Olympic Football Tournament Rio 2016. The Olympic Football Tournament Rio 2016 will take place from August 3rd – 21st, with the competition’s men’s and women’s finals taking place in the iconic Maracanã stadium.

Men’s tournament Venues:
Opening Match (Thursday 4 August): Venues: Brasilia
Quarter-finals (Saturday 13 August): Venues: Brasilia, Salvador, Belo Horizonte, Sao Paulo
Semi-finals (Wednesday 17 August): Venues: Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro (Maracana Stadium)
Bronze medal match (Saturday 20 August): Venues: Belo Horizonte
Gold medal match (Saturday 20 August):Venues: Rio de Janeiro (Maracana Stadium)

Men’s Olympic Football Tournament Rio 2016: Group Stage

GROUP A: Brazil, South Africa, Iraq, Denmark

GROUP B: Sweden, Colombia, Nigeria, Japan

GROUP C: Fiji, Korea Republic, Mexico, Germany

GROUP D: Honduras, Algeria, Portugal, Argentina

Tournament DATES:

Thursday, 04/08/16:

Iraq v Denmark (Mané Garrincha Stadium, Brasilia)

Nigeria v Japan (Amazônia Arena, Manaus)

Fiji v Korea Republic (Fonte Nova Arena, Salvador)

Sunday, 07/08/16:

Brazil v Iraq (Mané Garrincha Stadium, Brasilia)

Japan v Colombia (Amazônia Arena, Manaus)

Germany v Korea Republic (Fonte Nova Arena, Salvador)

Wednesday, 10/08/16:

Korea Republic v Mexico (Mané Garrincha Stadium, Brasilia)

Japan v Sweden (Fonte Nova Arena, Salvador)

South Africa v Iraq (Corinthians Arena, Sao Paulo)

Saturday, 13/08/16 – Quarter-finals:

Match 25: 1st D v 2nd C (Mané Garrincha Stadium, Brasilia)

Match 26: 1st B v 2nd A (Fonte Nova Arena, Salvador)

Match 27: 1st C v 2nd D (Mineirão, Belo Horizonte)

Match 28: 1st A v 2nd B (Corinthians Arena, Sao Paulo)

Wednesday, 17/08/16 – Semi-finals

Match 29: Winner M26 v Winner M25 (Corinthians Arena, Sao Paulo)

Match 30: Winner M28 v Winner M27 (Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro)

Saturday, 20/08/16 – Bronze medal match:

Match 31: Loser M30 v Loser M29 (Mineirão, Belo Horizonte)

Saturday, 20/08/16 – Final:

Match 32: Winner M30 v Winner M29 (Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro)